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OnlinePallet is a network pallet distribution system. From collection point to delivery point, the pallet or pallets on which your goods are packed or secured, will be transhipped a minimum of six times.

Consignments must be entered correctly and packed in accordance with the following specifications. Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in refusal to collect the goods, could incur excess surcharges and, in the event of damage to your goods whilst in transit, may cause insurance cover to be reduced or refused.

Pallet base:
a)   Must be of robust construction and suitable for the type of goods carried upon it
b)   Must have no missing boards or chocks

Goods on the pallet:
a)   Must not exceed the dimensions for the size of pallet entered
b)   Must not overhang the pallet edges
c)   Must be stable when packed or placed on the pallet
d)   Must not be top-heavy and must be stable enough to undergo at least six transhipments
e)   Must be firmly and properly secured to the pallet base by shrink-wrap, fibre or steel banding, chains, or any other appropriate means
f)   Must have sufficient packaging, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, or any other appropriate packaging to reasonably protect the goods

We cannot carry hazardous goods.


Pallets should not exceed the standard size of 1000mm x 1200mm, and must be within the height and weight maximums for the size entered, as below. Goods must not overhang the pallet edges.

Pallet Length: 120cm / 1200mm / 1.2m / 48
Pallet Width: 100cm / 1000mm / 1.0m / 40

Maximum Height: 180cm / 1800mm / 1.8m / 72
Maximum Weight: 1000kg

Maximum Height: 90cm / 900mm / 0.9m / 36
Maximum Weight: 500kg

Maximum Height: 60cm / 600mm / 0.6m / 24
Maximum Weight: 250kg

If you need to make any changes to a consignment after your booking has been placed, please contact us as soon as possible at orders@onlinepallet.co.uk 


We are able to ship pallets that exceed the standard dimensions or contain goods that overhang. However, these are charged at one pallet per pallet space or part thereof. To process such a consignment, please enter the number of pallet spaces as though they were separate pallets and secify "1 x Oversize" in the 'further info' box below the collection address.


When your goods are delivered, the person responsible for accepting and signing for the goods should make a brief examination of the outer packaging. If any shortage or damage is apparent or suspected, the delivery note should be endorsed accordingly. The word "unchecked" or similar is not accepted as claused. Insurance companies will not consider a claim for damage or loss when a "clean" or "clear" proof of delivery is produced.


Insurance is included (subject to our Conditions of Carriage) at the lesser of i) 1.30 per kilogram; and ii) the value of the Consignment at the time and place when accepted for carriage. If only part of a Consignment suffers from loss or physical damage, liability shall be limited to that proportion of the sum calculated which the actual value of such part bears to the value of the whole Consignment.

You must notify OnlinePallet of any damage to the whole or any part of a consignment, or physical loss, mis-delivery or non-delivery of part of a consignment in writing within 7 days of the date of delivery. Any claim in respect of the non-delivery of the whole of the consignment must be notified in writing within 21 days of despatch.

Please contact_us in writing at the earliest opportunity if you wish to report loss or damage.


We accept goods for carriage under a contract of best endeavour. No guarantees are given nor implied. Under no circumstances shall we be liable in the event of consequential loss, special damages, or other indirect loss, howsoever arising.

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